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Unveiling Artemis

A Window Into Your Life

Last year at CES, CareOS launched the first operating system specifically designed for the connected bathroom. The CareOS smart health and beauty hub leverages AR and AI through a smart bathroom mirror to bring a new user experience to any connected device.
This year, CareOS is unveiling Artemis - the only smart mirror integrated with the CareOS platform that connects health, beauty and wellness for a holistic view of each user. Now the connected bathroom expands to the hotel, salon or assisted home of the future. More than 50 IoT devices, products and services are integrated into the CareOS platform. Artemis gives them all a new life.

Our vision

At CareOS, like all the Baracoda Group companies, we believe that anything is possible when technology and innovation come together with people and practice in order to make simple, health, beauty and wellness changes in our lives. Our mission is to leverage the best technology has to offer to help people meet their personal health and wellness goals, experiment with new products and practices. Our partners represent some of the biggest global brands including Coty, Legrand, Groupe Seb, Roca and Snips. We are all coming together to help bring out the best in you.


Touchless Interaction


Easily zoom in to get a close up view of your image.

Vision Tests

Vision Tests

A set of tests allowing you to keep track of any changes in your vision that may need a visit to the doctor.

Virtual Try-on

Virtual Try-on

To know which beauty products look best on you. Artemis identifies lipstick or eyeliner and gives you an interactive virtual display to show you how to apply the product.

AR Tutorials

AR Tutorials

More than just a lesson, AR tutorials coach you in real time to help you achieve your new hairstyle or makeup.

Skin Analysis

Fitness Coaching

Simple stretching and yoga tutorials get your day started right.

Voice command


Call it in - easily dial your nutritionist or doctor, for a consultation, schedule an appointment or follow-up.

Voice command

Air Quality Tracker

Before you leave home understand the air quality outside and how it might impact your health and fitness.

360° video

360° video

4D visualisation. Captured from all sides and over time, 360° video lets you see your progress from every angle.

Set in/Check out

Set in/Check out

For hotels, simply find your favorite settings registered when you arrive and easily check out of your room. And even get rewards if you save water !

Facial and object recognition

Facial & object recognition

Recognizes the user and the products the user has purchased and connects them with tutorials and AR.

Voice Command

Voice Command

Use voice to control the mirror, lights, shower settings and other connected devices in the bathroom.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Allows you to share information, pictures and data from the CareOS platform.

Our partners


Wella Professionals

Elodie Levy, Coty Senior Director Digital Innovation

"This breakthrough ecosystem empowers stylists and addresses many of the pain points associated with the salon hair color category. Clients fear getting an unexpected color result and the use of augmented reality for trying on hair color shades in the salon is a game changer to address this challenge. Further, we’ve created a flexible and portable platform that can be scaled across salons of all sizes, a major step in reinventing the salon experience for all."



Emmanuel Ballandras, Head of Partnerships 

"We were instantly attracted to the CareOS approach and a partnership seemed obvious. We share the home universe, the ambition of interoperability and the complementarity of products and services. Our processes combine perfectly to the best interest of our common clients."



Yann Lechelle, Head of Operations

"Snips is committed in helping innovative companies offer new services and exciting experiences to their users and customers. CareOS is already pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their smart mirror technology and Snips is excited to bring an offline, embedded voice interface to their products."

Plume Labs

Plume Labs

Romain Lacombe, Founder & CEO

"By making pollution visible, we will help users take stock of their own exposure, understand and manage it, and learn how to build better routines to improve their health. So it makes perfect sense for us to work with CareOS."



Didier Bolle, CEO

"Associating with CareOS is obvious for Terraillon, as an expert of daily wellness since its creation one century ago. Our connected scale R-Link blends with the unique model of CareOS operating system, allowing people to access their personal data in a simple and funny way on the mirror of the bathroom. With CareOS, we are glad to build together the bathroom of the future."



Antonin Bougerol, CEO

"The connected bathroom becomes real with CareOS. Tucky, the patch thermometer being widely used by young parents, it was obvious for us to be part of this project to meet consumers expectations."



Eric Burkel, CSO

"CareOS is the leader in smart bathroom and Hydrao is proud to collaborate to bring its expertise and its smart Nudge solutions to help people save money from their water AND energy consumption."

Senses Room

Senses Room

Francis Van de Walle, Founder & Designer

"CareOS is the mirror of accessibility for all. It reflects the wellness of tomorrow, just like Senses Room."



Jeanne Poirat, CMO

"Romy is proud to be part of CareOS ecosystem and to think together about the beauty of tomorrow."


Electropolis Museum

Claude Welty, Head of the Museum

"Electropolis Museum thanks CareOS for its participation to A electric future area, intended to make its audience aware of the new uses of electricity and of the challenges of energy and digital transition."

Meet the team

Ali Mouizina

Ali Mouizina

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

With more than 5 years experience at companies including Ateme, DxO, GE Healthcare and PSA, Ali is a tech enthusiast, and a passionate triathlete and photographer. He sees CareOS as the unique opportunity to experience the bathroom of the future through leading-edge technologies.

Chloé Szulzinger

Chloé Szulzinger

Co-founder & Head of Communications

With more than 10 years journalism experience at Cosmopolitan as well as tech startup and publishing expertise, Chloé is a binge-watcher and travel addict. She believes CareOS is making the most of our connected world, to help us reach well-being and health prevention.

Violaine Monmarché

Violaine Monmarché

Co-founder, Marketing & Development Director

For the past 15 years, Violaine successfully created and launched products at Boucheron, YSL, Stella Mc Cartney… Since 2011, she has been working in agencies and as a consultant to help companies rethink their brand, communication, strategy and business plan. CareOS is her next big challenge!

Violaine Monmarché

Quoc Bao Do

R&D Director

With a PhD and more than 10 years experience in Image Processing and Computer Vision in both academic and industrial domains, Dr. Bao is a crazy fan of football and likes photography. He sees CareOS as the best way to aggregate leading-edge technologies to improve people's health and beauty.

Celine Brunel

Anaïs Phinith

UX Designer

With a 8 years experience in companies like Dailymotion, Kadrige and DxO, Anaïs is also a Rubik’s Cube cracker and ukulele player! To her, CareOS is an exciting adventure and she brings her magic to the whole interface and website, for the most immersive user experiences.


Now that makes us proud!

Wall Street Journal logo

"The centerpiece is a “smart” mirror, what would happen if a mirror mated with a tablet."

The Wall Street Journal
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"CareOS's connected bathroom box — the Health & Beauty Hub — syncs a number of smart devices into a single mirror"

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« Les Français de Care OS font un tabac. »

Europe 1
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"CareOS Health & Beauty Hub Mirror: Plays beauty tutorials and takes hands-free selfies."

Wired US Magazine
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"la start-up française CareOS a fait sensation lors du salon high-tech américain"

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"VivaTechnology : AccorHotels accueillait sur son stand 32 start-up"

Voyages d'affaires
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"Ce bright mirror allie l’omniscience de celui de Blanche-Neige à la fluidité de [...] Minority Report."

Usbek et Rica


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Founded in 2017 CareOS, a Baracoda Group Company, delivers the first Health & Beauty platform specifically designed for all areas of wellness. Along with the new Artemis smart mirror, CareOS combines AI, AR, 4D, voice command, facial and object recognition into an immersive, personalized experience for every user. From the connected shower to the scale to the toothbrush, more than 50 IoT devices and products are integrated into the CareOS platform. CareOS partners include some of the biggest global brands including Coty, Groupe Seb, Legrand, Roca, as well as IoT experts like Snips and Withings. Whether in a connected bathroom, hotel, salon or assisted home, CareOS is delivering the future of health, beauty, wellness and preventative care by helping users make small changes in their habits that have big impacts on their lives. CareOS and the new Artemis are a smart window in your life that helps bring out the best in you.


Founded in 2001, Baracoda Group and its subsidiaries are IoT and connected health experts delivering innovative platforms for preventative care from the home to the hotel. Baracoda product companies include Kolibree, makers of smart toothbrushes, CareOS, the IoT platform for the connected bathroom, Seraphin, the IoT sleep guardian angel and Radioline, delivering a new world online radio to consumers. Our services Alsoft, Baracoda Lab, Flaminem, and Kaertech partner with global brands to deliver the future of health, beauty, wellness and preventative care. For more information on Baracoda visit www.baracoda.com