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Our vision

Welcome to the bathroom of the future.

CareOS is the first smart Health & Beauty hub for the bathroom. 

CareOS is Simple

The CareOS box connects all your devices and services together to make them smarter. It allows you to track and monitor health-related features, but also beauty and well-being, for the whole family. Enjoy a hands-free, mobile-free experience in the bathroom.

CareOS is Safe

Being the first Privacy by Design solution for the connected bathroom, the CareOS box provides a private network for all your devices. A personal and secured care-vault locally stores your data, giving you full control. CareOS is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, insuring your personal privacy.

careOS features


Let’s dive together into leading-edge technology!

Touchless Interaction

Touchless Interaction

Swipe the air to control your devices. No need to dry your hands and everything stays clean.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Step in front of the mirror and the system automatically recognizes you and logs into your devices.

AI for Makeup

AI for Makeup

Scan any product to display beauty recommendations and tutorials. And with AI for shaving, you will never miss that tricky spot again!

4D Visualization

4D Visualization

3D capture & time-lapse, get eyes on the back of your head and tracking over time.

Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis

Track the evolution of your beauty spots by checking their size and color.

Voice command

Voice Command

Just speak to control the display when your hands are full.

Smart lighting

Smart Lighting

Swipe to pick the adjusted light for makeup or professional quality portrait.

Our partners

CareOS is an open platform that enables partners to boost their technology for added value services in the bathroom.

Our launch partners include:


Eco-friendly smart shower


Health monitoring devices


IoT device designer and manufacturer


The smart Oral Care company


First hyperlocal and crowdsourced air quality forecasting platform


Leading connected radio platform


Fresh, healthy & personalized skincare


The power of essential oils in the shower


First Private by Design voice platform for connected devices

Tefal Body Partner

Body shape monitoring with a tracker and a scale


Consumer and medical scales, and healthcare devices


E-Health thermometer

Meet the team

We want to show the world how much we care.

Ali Mouizina

Ali Mouizina

Chief Technology Officer

With more than 5 years experience at companies including Ateme, DxO, GE Healthcare and PSA, Ali is a tech enthusiast, and a passionate triathlete and photographer. He sees CareOS as the unique opportunity to experience the bathroom of the future through leading-edge technologies.

Chloé Szulzinger

Chloé Szulzinger

Head of Communications

With more than 10 years journalism experience at Cosmopolitan as well as tech startup and publishing expertise, Chloé is a binge-watcher and travel addict. She believes CareOS is making the most of our connected world, to help us reach well-being and health prevention.

Violaine Monmarché

Violaine Monmarché

Marketing Project Manager

For the past 15 years, Violaine successfully created and launched products at Boucheron, YSL, Stella Mc Cartney… Since 2011, she has been working in agencies and as a consultant to help companies rethink their brand, communication, strategy and business plan. CareOS is her next big challenge!

Celine Brunel

Anaïs Phinith

UX Designer

With a 8 years experience in companies like Dailymotion, Kadrige and DxO, Anaïs is also a Rubik’s Cube cracker and ukulele player! To her, CareOS is an exciting adventure and she brings her magic to the whole interface and website, for the most immersive user experiences.


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Founded in 2017 by experts in IoT and beauty industries, CareOS, a subsidiary of the Baracoda Group, is the first Health & Beauty Operating System designed specifically for the connected bathroom. CareOS leverages AR and AI to unify connected devices and brings an enhanced level of intelligence and interactivity to the smart bathroom. Through the CareOS box, this Privacy by Design solution delivers a custom personal care assistant for each member of your household. IoT companies including Tefal Body Partner, Hydrao, Kolibree, Romy, Snips and Terraillon endorse CareOS to deliver the future of the bathroom. To experience a new level of connected health, beauty and wellness, let CareOS care for you.

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